What is this about?

Like many photographers I do not enjoy being in front of the camera.  This is usually the case because often I am unsatisfied or disappointed when I see pictures of myself.  I feel that there is so much more to me than what I see in a photograph.  That is what inspired me to offer this type of stylized portraits for people; to reveal what is present in that moment for them that cannot be seen in traditional photographs.  My goal to illustrate the unique, inherant magic that exists within each picture I take, to have the unseen be seen.    

How Does it Work?

Through the year I set up my makeshift studio at various shops and conferences around portland.  I'll talk to each client for a few minutes and do some subtle posing for the picture, all in all it usually doesn't take more than 15 minutes.  From there I work my photo magic at my home studio and 7-10 days later you get your image in the mail.  I have photographed individuals, couples, families, and friends.  Wondering what I will see in your picture?  Look at my events page to see future shoots, or subscribe to my email list to be notified of future portrait sessions!  

Let the unseen be seen